8 Best Apps To Manage GitHub Projects On Android


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If you use GitHub and like to manage software development projects on smartphone, you need one of these GitHub tools for Android.

GitHub is used by millions of people around the world every day to manage their software development projects. And we have prepared a list of the best apps for Android to access Git and GitHub repositories on the go.

What is GitHub?

Well, to understand what it consists of, we must know two things. First of all, the Git. This is an open-source version control system that was created by the father of Linux, Linus Torvalds. And secondly, the website itself, where we can upload all the files of a project and collaborate with the rest of the programmers. This is done in the repository, the location where all the images, videos, documents and other documents of a given application are stored.

With the below listed GitHub tools for Android, both pro and newbie developers can learn to use GitHub and manage and access different repositories. Most of these apps are completely free and open-source, so you have no excuse not to give it a try.

GitHub tools for Android:

1. GitHub

No GitHub user should pass up the opportunity to test the platform’s official app before turning to an alternative.

It allows you to explore repositories, view notifications, read, react or respond to incidents or change requests, review and merge pull requests and, examine project files and code — all with a very easy and intuitive interface.

2. ForkHub

ForkHub is a great option to keep up to date with all the GitHub activity. You can set up notifications and a news feed from organizations, companies and repositories. The app allows you to create, manage and discuss topics in any GitHub repository and be in contact with all the developers to know the problems of the apps. Finally, you can filter a repository’s edition list for easy access to all of them and include a bookmark for faster access.

3. FastHub

FastHub is one of the best alternatives to the official GitHub app. The app is based on the Material Design with features such as — support for multiple GitHub accounts, access to repositories without internet connection, markdown and feature to highlight the code, access to project wikis and much more.

4. Git Commands

Git Commands is basically an app developed for Git lovers. The app is best suited for beginner coders who just entered the world of Git and GitHub. The app has more than 100+ Git commands and is regularly updated, and include a brief description of each command with examples.

5. OpenHub

OpenHub comes with an easy and comfortable interface. It includes two types of login to quickly authenticate to GitHub or from the app itself. It has an offline mode, and it has support for the latest trends in repositories, available in a lot of languages.

6. OctoDroid

OctoDroid allows us to be connected to GitHub and access it easily. We can establish a two-step authentication to keep all our data safe. It has support for notifications, access to project code, profile view, creation and editing of bugs, and much more.

7. MGit

MGit one of the best GitHub tools for Android. It allows us to create local repositories, clone remote ones and delete them easily. In addition, we can examine files of all kinds, labels and it supports HTTP, HTTPS and SSH.

8. Flutter GitHub Client

Flutter GitHub Client is an app built using the Google development framework, Flutter. Its simple interface allows us to customize the colors of the theme and supports a lot of languages along with markdown and code highlighting support. You can easily find any repository and user from its search bar, being able to filter by name, type and release date. It includes details of repository information and repository branches, and you can access the files and the most recent activity.

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