Oracle’s Changes to Java SE Subscription Model Could Cost More


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Oracle has announced changes to its Java SE subscription plan, which may cost existing businesses tens of thousands or more each month. 

The old model is charged per user and per processor, but the new model will licence Java per employee. This shift in pricing structure has alarmed industry experts, warning companies of the potential consequences.

Oracle has said that existing users will be able to renew under their current contract, but experts are doubtful. According to Craig Guarente, founder and CEO of software licencing expert Palisade Compliance, “Oracle always moves customers to the new model at some point. There’s no way Oracle has a policy of not raising pricing forever,” he continued.

Similar thoughts were expressed by Nick Walter, CTO of House of Brick, an Oracle support specialist, who stated that Oracle might go to tremendous efforts to push the new model on their customers.

This change in the Java SE subscription model has the potential to have a big impact on organizations of all kinds, as well as end users. It is uncertain how big of an impact Oracle’s change will have, but organizations must examine their Java usage and plan accordingly. Before renewing their subscription in April, organizations should carefully assess the prospective expenses and measure them against the benefits of using Java.

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